How to Save on Servicing at Kwik Fit

kwik fit voucher code

Kwik Fit is popular as a leading car tyre and fast-fit centre in the UK. It also provides automotive repair and services including brake inspection, MOT servicing and air conditioning recharge. When you need your vehicle repaired or checked to see if it’s ready for winter conditions, having it serviced at Kwik Fit is ideal. If you’re worried about the cost, don’t be, as there are many ways you can save on servicing at Kwik Fit.

Use voucher codes.

For starters, you can use Kwik Fit voucher codes to bring down the cost for various products and services. Vouchers have alphanumeric codes that you enter upon checkout when buying products or booking automotive services at Kwik Fit. You can find these discount codes at voucher sites, where they are listed by brand or company name.  Simply enter “Kwik Fit” in the search tool and you’ll be presented with all of the active vouchers Kwik Fit currently has to offer. A great place to find a voucher code for Kwik Fit is at Total Discounts. Some of the discounts you can get are a 5 percent discount on combined services, free exhaust inspection and 15 percent off brake service.

Book services together.

At Kwik Fit, you can get a 20 percent discount on car servicing and pay just £20 for your MOT when you book this with a service. Conversely, when you book an MOT test at the same time as an Interim, Full Service or Essential Car Care service, you will receive an additional saving on the standard price of the individual service. Combined with an MOT, an Interim or Full Service can let you save up to £5.

Of course, the total price of the service will depend on the recommended oil for your vehicle. If your vehicle requires specialist or synthetic oils, the price will be higher, but since the discount is already there, you’ll still receive great value.

Buy tyres online.

Kwik Fit has exclusive pricing for tyres bought online, which means that they are cheaper when compared to those sold at local Kwik Fit centres. So, if it’s time for your tyres to be replaced, buy new tyres online to get big savings. You can even avail of the company’s mobile tyre fitting service for absolutely free when you purchase two or more tyres.

Get services for free.

Kwik Fit offers free services for customers, such as a winter safety checks. Winter presents some of the most dangerous road conditions, so to make sure your car is winter-ready and you and your loved ones stay safe on the roads, have your car checked at Kwik Fit for free. Kwik Fit will check your vehicle’s tyres (overall condition, including tread depth and tyre pressure), battery, coolant/anti-freeze levels and strength, wiper blades and light bulbs. Booking online is easy—simply enter your vehicle registration number at Kwik Fit’s Winter Safety Check page.

Another no-cost service is exhaust inspection. When you book, you may even get a 15 percent discount on exhaust work.

Get fantastic freebies.

At Kwik Fit, when you buy new tyres, you can get a restaurant gift card valued at up to £60—while this doesn’t directly benefit your auto expenses, it does give you a free dinner to cut your food bill, so it’s always a bonus!