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Quality Car Servicing Brands around the UK

car servicing

When it comes to having your vehicle serviced, it’s crucial to have it seen to by professionals to make sure your car gives you its best performance. Servicing by the best automotive centres in the UK will give you the peace of mind that your vehicle is in capable hands, and you and your loved ones will be in a safe and reliable car as you coast along busy roads and speedy motorways. Make sure to have your car checked regularly, especially before going on a long trip.

If you need your tyres replaced or your exhaust system checked, check out this list of the best car servicing brands around the UK. Book your service appointment today and ensure your vehicle is in top roadworthy condition wherever you may go.

Kwik Fit

Kwik Fit technicians specialise in the repair and maintenance of automotive parts, including air conditioning, brakes, tyres and exhaust systems. It also conducts MOT testing and is often hailed as the leading fast-fit supplier of tyres in the UK. The company stocks more than 600,000 tyres from top brands such as Dunlop, Michelin, Continental and Goodyear. There are more than 600 Kwik Fit centres in the UK, assuring customers that help is just around the corner.

McConechy’s Tyre Service

With more than 50 centres in Scotland and the north of England, McConechy’s Tyre & Exhaust Centres is another popular car servicing brand. Aside from tyre services, the company also provides general automotive services, including oil changes, wheel alignment and MOT testing. In addition, McConechy’s sells auto parts such as shock absorbers, brakes, exhausts and batteries.

Halfords Autocentres

Halfords Autocentres is another top name in the car servicing industry, with more than 300 local centres to its name. Halfords recently announced that by April 2018, it would have trained 300 mechanics—one for each centre—in electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle maintenance, which is good news for those who are planning to go the green route and invest in EV and hybrid cars.


ACC UK prides itself on being one of the most transparent car servicing companies in the UK, and assures customers that each repair or service is duly carried out according to manufacturers’ specifications, thereby protecting vehicle warranty. ACC specialises in Toyotas and Volvos and has its own fully equipped workshop with the most up-to-date official diagnostic equipment from Volvo.

Tyre Shopper

Tyre Shopper has 230 tyre centre locations across the UK and boasts a roster of more than 1,000 skilled technicians ready to equip your car with the best tyres the industry has to offer. The company provides customers with a database of more than 6,000 verified ratings and customer reviews on tyre types and patterns, helping other customers make informed purchasing decisions. Tyre Shopper stocks major brands such as Pirelli, Bridgestone, Barum, Dunlop and Avon.

National Service Network

The NSN is a network of more than a thousand independent garages and offers a comprehensive range of services, from simple wiper repairs to full MOT testing. All of the NSN’s garages have the latest diagnostic equipment to accurately and properly test, repair and service most vehicle makes and models.

What Do UK Car Insurers Cover For?

car insurance

Insurance companies in the UK offer three different types of motor insurance, but it can still be confusing, especially since there are plenty of insurers offering them. The main thing to note is that there are three types of cover to choose from, namely third party, third party fire and theft, while the last is fully comprehensive cover. Third party insurance is the minimum required by UK law if you want to drive on public roads.

Let’s take a closer look at what each level of cover entails so you can be better informed when looking for the right policy to meet your needs and circumstances.

Third Party Car Insurance

If you get into an accident, this level of cover agrees to pay for damage caused to property. It also covers compensation or costs related to injuries sustained by another person in an incident in which you are at fault.

Since this insurance type is the most basic, it comes with limitations, one of which is that it does not cover the cost of repairing your own vehicle. That’s why it’s called third party insurance—it covers other people, or third parties, but not you.

It also doesn’t cover you should your vehicle be damaged by fire or stolen, which means you’ll have to pay for the loss yourself. The upside is that third party insurance usually costs less than other policies with more cover.

Insurance experts suggest getting third party car insurance if you drive an older car worth less than £1,000 (that you probably won’t mind getting a few bumps and scratches on here and there).

Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance

For added protection against damage or loss, get third party fire and theft insurance. Along with the basic cover provided by third party insurance, this level of cover agrees to compensate you for repairs or replacement if your vehicle is burnt or stolen. For damage that is not caused by fire, you still have to pay for repairs out of pocket. Premiums vary depending on a number of factors such as the car’s make, model and safety features, so do your research and shop around.

Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance

This level of cover offers the greatest protection for policyholders as it includes not only damage suffered by others, but also damage to your own car due to accident, theft and fire. With a fully comprehensive cover, you can claim for repairs after an accident, vandalism and accidental damage. Comprehensive insurance also usually cover personal belongings in the car, windscreen damage, theft of keys as well as in-car entertainment and sat-nav systems.

Additional features

Some insurance companies also offer additional features such as courtesy cars (if your vehicle is under repair), legal expenses cover and breakdown cover. You will need to ask insurers about these add-ons and think about whether you may actually make any use of them. If not, then there is no need to purchase them at all.

If you’re getting comprehensive insurance, make sure you ask about what exactly the policy covers. It’s also important to give the insurance company up-to-date information about yourself and your car to ensure policy validity and make it easier for you to renew it in the future.


Top UK Car Insurers

uk car insurers

If you have a vehicle, you must have motor insurance to legally drive on UK roads. The UK government requires third-party insurance as the legal minimum, which means that you have to have coverage should you get into into an accident causing injury or damage to any other person, animal, vehicle or property. There are other types of motor insurance, but first you should look for an insurance company that can provide the best premium at the best value.

Here are the top UK car insurers based on customer feedback on various motoring websites. These companies were chosen according to product knowledge, ease of communication, speed of order delivery, clarity of terms and conditions, value for money, staff helpfulness and friendliness as well as overall customer experience. If you’re looking for a car insurance provider that can be trusted, consider the following companies.

IAM Surety

IAM Surety provides insurance for members of the Institute of Advanced Motorists. In 2015 the firm was voted best provider of car insurance in the UK by readers of Auto Express magazine. Customers cited the company’s value for money, keeping customers informed as well as the friendliness and helpfulness of staff.


Coming in at second place in the Auto Express survey is Co-operative, which customers said have helpful staff who keep clients informed about claims. The terms and conditions are brief and easy to understand, plus the premiums offer good value for money as well.

NFU Mutual

Friendly and communicative staff, along with policies that offer good value for money, is enough to put NFU Mutual among the top car insurers in the UK. Customers agree that the policies are absolutely worth it. Local offices make transactions easy and convenient.


Swinton is another car insurance company that has local branches, enabling policyholders to talk to staff personally. Swinton doesn’t only offer cheap deals with a price match or better quote; the company also makes sure policyholders are kept informed during a claim.

Royal & Sun Alliance

For motorists in a hurry, Royal & Sun Alliance is your best bet, with customers saying its organisation of coverage is the fastest by far. In addition, the firm’s staff are known to be exceptionally knowledgeable about policies.


Churchill’s customers commend the company’s competitive prices, saying the firm even matched a better quote elsewhere. Negotiations are welcome and Churchill will even match a comparison-site price upon request.


Ageas is another top-rated car insurance provider in the UK, with customers saying how delighted they were with how much information they were given during a claim. A strong company reputation, competitive quotes alongside clear documentation make Ageas a company to consider when you’re shopping around for insurance for your vehicle.


Saga is unique in that it specialises in cover for drivers over the age of 50. The firm has received the highest rating from Defaqto, an independent financial research company, for its Comprehensive cover. This guarantees a winning product with a wide range of benefits for policyholders. Friendly and helpful staff make sure customers get what they need, when they need it.

Other top UK car insurers to consider include Direct Line, More Than, Marks and Spencer, Lloyds, AXA, Tesco, LV and Elephant. Get your insurance cover today!